Friday, January 8, 2016

Ranking In Google in Just Hours....Yes You Can Do This!!

You're probably wondering if this can really be done and if so it has to be some long tail keywords right? The answer is NO!! In my research on Ranking videos on the first page of Google I have found some techniques that work almost every time. It only takes 15 minutes to set up and you can start seeing results in just minutes.

Don't Believe Me? See These Results Below.....

As you can see in the image above I ranked for this keyword phrase in just 9 minutes!! Want some local proof? This is the easiest method to ranking for local businesses and show that you know what you are doing before even working with the company. This is my favorite strategy and here are some of my results.....

Want to know my exact strategy to getting rankings like this for your clients or business?

This is easy so do not over complicate this technique but do not under estimate the power either...


First step is making a video. Now there are plenty of ways to do this but my favorite is using YouTube's Creative Commons Videos. These are video's that you can legally use for your business and you can a video for just about any business. Here is how you get to your Creative Common Videos.....

1. Log into Your YouTube Account
2. Click on your picture and go into creator studio.
3. in the left sidebar choose video editor.
4. Now to find the creative common videos just click on the cc tab
5. Type in your niche and chose a video(shorter about 30 seconds is best)
6. Go to Live Streaming Tab in the left hand column
7. Create your event with keywords in the Title and Description
8. Set the Event to start 30 minutes ahead.
9. Choose Custom as the Type
10. Start the event.
11. Open Wirecast
12. insert you video.
13. Start broadcast and let loop 2-3 times so we can edit the video
14. Stop the event and wait for it to process.
15. Edit the video and click on Enhancements
16. Trim video to 30 seconds and Save

That is it Folks!! Try this out and then leave a comment below with your results. I hope this help everyone out who finds this post and helps you to rank in Google and YouTube Fast

Friday, July 25, 2014

My Amazon Kindle Updated Report

Hello everyone, It's Friday and I'm checking back in to let you know how my Kindle eBooks are doing on Amazon. Here is the report:

Overall I am pretty happy considering I have not drove any traffic to these eBooks it's all Amazon pushing them. Next week I am going to start promoting the eBooks and see if I can't get these numbers to double. By the way I have 4 eBooks for sale all in different niches. Only 3 of these books really make any of the money but it's mostly just one book that is making this money. Also if you look you can see that Japan pays a lot more for the eBook and the funny thing is that eBook only costs $.099 here in the states. I am going to be looking more into this because this could be a untapped niche but I am not for sure just yet. 

Leave me a comment below and let me know how you are doing with your kindle books. If you need any help be sure to ask and I'll help you the best that I can. Have a nice weekend Everyone.

P.S Here are the links to my eBooks on Amazon. You can leave me a review or buy them that would be Awesome!!
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

My First Amazon Product

Lance Hudgins
Hello everyone,

I decided to start this blog to see if I can make money online. Now I just wanted to let everyone know I am not a newbie by far but I still am not at the income I expect after 7 years in this internet marketing realm. I am sure if you are reading this blog you can probably relate to my experience. Buying the next shiny object or software that is supposed to do this or that. Then when you get it hey it actually does work....for a week or two until the Google gods get hold of it and then it does work anymore. This has happened to me countless times and honestly I can't even count how many products I have bought over the last 7 years.

Man, 7 years in internet marketing and still I can't seem to replace my income as promised by guru after guru. After this long you have to start to think that it is you doing something wrong and not the guru. I mean I have learned A LOT over the years in this space and getting results feels better than the money at some point. When you can prove that a strategy works and rank in Google it feels Good. But Let's get off that subject and get to the point of this post.

I decided to turn to Amazon as they have the biggest buying traffic on the internet. With over 400 million credit cards on file to buy at the press of a button I decided to research this more. I mean that is what we all want right? not just traffic but people who we know we will buy. When you can get in front of those people you know you have to make some money. So I set in my journey to create my first Kindle eBook. Wanna know the first step I did to see how to do this? Yup,you guessed it went to YouTube and see what other people are using to market their books. What subjects should you write on that get buyers? And how do you analyze the competition so I'm not fighting against a bunch of competition.

Sounds familiar doesn't it?If you have been in Online Marketing for any space of time you have probably heard of this same technique to measure your competition before you go into a niche and choose your keywords. Let me tell you amazon is no different my friend. In fact, getting top ranking in Amazon will make you more money than showing up in Google. How? Google people go to for information, Amazon people go to buy something. And if you get top ranking in Amazon they feed you traffic you don't have to go searching for it. Amazon makes profit of your sales so if you have a good product why wouldn't they want to promote you everywhere and make their cut,right?

Your probably wondering what was my results from this eBook I put together and here is the screenshot
You probably thought it would be $1000's of dollars but guess what 1.22!! You know what I am fine with that because this is a book that can bring in an extra $50-$100 a month. For 20 minutes of work and this making me some kind of income residual I am happy. And this is a strategy I am just testing out and so far so good. I haven't sent any traffic to this book I mean zilch. No post on social media or bookmarking.No articles or press releases. No Videos!! Pure Amazon driving traffic just like I said in the beginning of this post. have a good product and amazon will promote it for you. Look where the book ended up after using these strategies I started using. Even this shocked Me and pushed me to do more......

You see the first recipe cookbook? Yup that's me!! Freakin #1 Amazon not just kindle. Look in the top left of the picture....All departments not just Kindle. No reviews like everyone says you have to do and this ebook is in the top 100 for 7 other keywords and other categories. This book is still there not #3 and that is a week later. If you didn't know Amazon updates their website every hour not every month like Google. So keeping your rankings in the Top 3 for a week is a big accomplishment.

This blog post went on longer than I intended so I am going to wrap this all up. I just wanted to prove to you that you can make money on Amazon. This eBook sales for 0.99 so is the profit huge...nope not at all but there is something in the eBook that is going to make that buyer mine and I'll talk about that in a later time. Right now if you are reading this blog and have gotten this far let me know if you have gone through what I have these past 7 years. Wanna raz me on making a whopping 1.22 Go for it i can take Wanna join me on this journey and see where this all turns out? Shoot, you can follow along with what I do and do the same for yourself. I will be posting weekly updates on this blog about the progress I am making online so follow me and join me. Use my stuff that works and see what isn't working. Okay I'm outta here I'll talk to your tomorrow and let you know what happens.